Steps to Detecting Hidden Spy Cameras And Microphones

Steps to Detecting Hidden Spy Cameras And Microphones

Due to the advancements in technology, cameras and microphones are now coming in sizes smaller than ever, and that is why spy cameras and microphones can be hidden in different spots throughout your house, or in a hotel room.

However, you don’t need to freak out, as there are many easy ways of detecting these devices. Here is how you can find bugging devices in your living space.

Use a Wireless Signal Detector

Since all the wireless devices use radio signals, you can use a wireless signal detector to detect the signals coming out of bugging devices and remove them from your living space.  The signal detector can be easily bought from

Once you have the detector turned on, it will detect every radio frequency in your room and will provide you with strong points from which the radio signals are originating. These spots are the devices connected to Wi-Fi. You can manually see every device and eliminate the bugging devices if any.

You can also detect the spying microphones and cameras by listening carefully to the interference in your calls. If there is any interference, you should quickly check the whole room for any hidden recording devices.

The Device Might Be in Your Hands

The mobile phone or laptop that you’re using right now might be the surveillance device you have been looking for. Government agencies and hackers use the cameras on your devices to monitor you. If that seems to be the case, you should try covering up the cameras of these devices physically.

Also, if you have a voice assistant or voice activated smart TV in your house, unplug them when not in use. The microphones in these devices can also be used to monitor and record you.